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Preparing to Sell Your Business?
Selling your business is probably one of the most important responsibilities that you will undertake as its owner. Knowing how to accomplish this depends on having the needed experience and resources to obtain the results you expect. Prospective Buyers will be equipped with their teams of attorneys, CPA's and financiers with many years of experience and knowledge in structuring the best deal for their interests. Therefore, you must be prepared in advance to find the right buyers, to deal with them, as well as level the acquisition playing field that the Buyers' teams are very familiar with. Do you have the skills and depth of experience to match them? If not, I can help you.

Experience You Can Trust
BIDCO Acquisitions levels the playing field for you by implementing a proven discreet professional, non-intrusive strategy to accomplish your selling objectives. With over 30 years of brokering experience I have personally accomplished, single handedly, over 170 business acquisitions. This depth of knowledge and experience provides my clients the needed resource that matches that of the Buyers' skills to achieve my clients' desired results.

Unmatched Personal Attention
Without relying on networking, co-brokering, or delegating to a committee of associates and/or partners, I assume the sole responsible to each client to succeed in obtaining the desired objectives. That responsibility is not taken lightly, which is why I have a high number of successful sales. I consider my personal involvement from initial engagement to the closing of each deal extremely critical to my clients by aggressively & confidentially pursuing their interests throughout the selling process. This hands-on, personal approach ensures that you, the client, will be free to run your business un-interrupted, knowing that you have an experienced professional at your side pursuing the discreet sale in your behalf.

       Joseph L. Valentine
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Selling Your Business